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Avon Tyrrell Bike Club

Avon Tyrrell Bike Club

The perfect skills building programme for 11-15-year-olds in the New Forest to learn new cycling skills. 

We are excited to launch our NEW Bike Club which is suitable for 11–15-year-olds in the New Forest. This programme has been funded by Big Bike Bash who are big supporters of Avon Tyrrell, hosting a large biking event on-site every year in August.  

The sessions cost just £5 per session and the programme is designed to allow both regular attendance and progression as well as individual sessions.  

  • Wed 19th June (18:30-20:30): Bike Skills on Trails & First Aid
  • Wed 17th July (18:30-20:30): Bike Skills & Maintenance
  • Thur 22nd August (15:00-17:00): Bike Skills on Trails (BBB Weekend Volunteering)
  • Sun 22nd September (10:00-16:00): Bike Skills, Maintenance, Off Site Ride & Navigation
  • Mon 28th October (18:30-20:30): Bike Skills on Trails & First Aid
  • Wed 20th November (18:30-20:30): Maintenance & Bike Skills
  • Sun 15th December (10:00-16:00): Maintenance & Bike Skills

The programme aims to improve participants confidence in the New Forest trails by teaching new skills that are linked to MIAS Skills course syllabus and the Velotech bike maintenance Foundation 1-3. Your child will learn more about how to replace and repair and inner tube of their tyre, first aid skills and even how to do bunny hops, rear wheel lifts and jumps safely under the instruction of our highly skilled team.